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Uses Of Bamboo As A Construction Material

Bamboo is an amazing material and I see firsthand when I go to Bangladesh, my parents’ and my wife’s country.  Bamboo is heavily used in Bangladesh as structural material for many uses It has the strong structural strength allowing for reliable stability when workers utilize for scaffolding.  It is also used as the structural support for concrete framework.  It is quite plentiful in South east Asia.  And it grows rapidly and hence is a rapidly renewable product.

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Bamboo as a Construction Material
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Shuttering Material Bamboo
Scaffolding Material Bamboo
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But why hasn’t the US taken advantage of such a remarkable material?  It could easily grow rapidly in a tropical climate such as Miami.  This would be advantageous for the US market in that shipping would be much easier than relying on bamboo imports. In the pictures above, you can see so many different ways they use bamboo. They use it because it is cheap. But as it is renewable and sustainable material too, it is high time we start taking initiative to grow bamboo.  

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