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Upcoming Rhino Class

Rhino 3d is a highly versatile and effective 3d modelling tool.  I was first introduced this tool while I was an architecture student at the Boston Architectural College in 2005.  I took a design studio where we were required to find a connection between plant life and architecture using Rhino as tool to be able to conceive of highly complex geometries. 

It is 2018 and I still use this tool for both my practice in architecture and as a tool to aid my students as a college professor in the architecture department at Miami Dade College.  The tool has greatly evolved since its early conception allowing for even more complex geometry modelling through the highly popular plug in Grasshopper. 

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As a practitioner, I can create highly elaborate models with great rendering that I may not be able to do on programs such as SketchUp.  Not only can I model beautiful images but I can use the plug-in grasshopper to fabricate highly complex details.  One of my most significant is a parametric screen in an office space.  Rhino has brought great value to my services and the program has endless possibilities and I am constantly growing and learning from the program.

I continue to share my passion for Rhino 3d by offering intensive classes.  My first one being held at the Intelligent Office in Downtown Miami.  It will run through May 19th – 20th, 9am – 5pm.  Please click on link to enroll.  Please click on link to see syllabus.  Students will greatly benefit in the program in producing architectural forms that are complex and dynamic.  Although many academic institutions are trying to promote the use of Revit and Sketchup, the programs fail as their modelling capabilities are extremely limited.  I believe that students will be able to become great designers in that they may be able to visualize bold and dynamic forms.  They will continue to grow as designers if they continue to use while they are practicing architecture.

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