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Symphony of the Seas

Symphony of the Seas is one the latest ships by Royal Caribbean.  One of its key features is that it’s one of the largest ships.  It’s quite impressive in size as it resembles a floating city.  My team and I were involved in doing a few spaces which turned out good.  They are Next cruise space, Shorex Wash stations in their Cafeteria.  The Next Cruise space is an area one goes to book another cruise. The design is dynamic and zoomy to give the guest an exciting experience when doing their booking.  

I utilized Grasshopper to develop many of the details which would include the design of the desks and a parametric screen.  Grasshopper is a plug-in for the 3d program Rhino which allows one to develop complex geometries for fabrication.  The Shorex space is a place where one can book a shore excursion for example if one wants to book a snorkeling trip, they can go there.  The design is very much inspired by the Next Cruise space to give the guest an exciting feeling.  Lastly my team and I did a series of wash stations in the cafeteria.  Hygiene is a big aspect of cruise ship design as preventing bacterial growth is important.  A ship is a closed off space and bacteria and germs can easily proliferate.  Hence the mandatory sinks ensure that this is not possible.  The sink design was a hit that it ended up being used fleet wide as a standard. 

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