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Rhino/Grasshopper Training

Studio Biophilia Youtube Page is Here!

With the launch of my YouTube Page, I will be giving sample courses in Rhino, Grasshopper and Vray.  These videos are a great way of starting your journey into being proficient at these softwares.  With these softwares, one can build their skills in developing free form, organic and complex designs.  This is a valuable skill whether it be impressing a client or presenting an outstanding design project while in school.

Using Rhino/Grasshopper/Vray has been impactful in my 20 years long career in architectural design.  I have been able to develop complex designs that have been embraced and materialized by clients.  I have also taught these softwares in the college level helping my students produce dynamic designs.  Seeing the results of being proficient in these softwares has inspired me to teach and create a new generation of talented designers.  While the videos may be informative, they are only scratching the surface.  There will be live online courses throughout the year to better assist those who want to become proficient in Rhino/Grasshopper/Vray!

I have hosted live courses in the past and believe they are a better way of understanding a software than viewing prerecorded lectures.  The live lessons allow students to ask the instructor on clarifications that may not make sense initially.  It also more importantly creates a more engaging experience for learners.  It can be challenging watching a prerecorded lecture if one is not familiar with certain concepts.  There will be scheduled classes throughout the year as well as one can contact me directly for live 1 on 1 classes.  The online courses are there with the intent of allowing anyone throughout the world to enroll in courses that will help elevate their career.  The online courses are more affordable than one on one to help those that may be starting out in their profession or are students.

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Here are a few of my tutorials in YouTube.  Please check and subscribe to my channel to stay tuned.

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