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Rhino and V-ray As a Design Development Tool

Rhino is a 3d modelling tool that I heavily use when visualizing a design.  It is effective in that it is intuitive to use and capable of producing complex geometries.  Rhino alone cannot be used effectively for visual representation.  One needs a rendering engine to visualize a space and form with correct lighting and realistic materials.  Recently I started using Vray.  Previously I was using Brazil and I have found the potential capabilities of vray quite effective.  I use in multiple ways.  The program has material override option which I utilize in creating sketch renders.  They’re quite fast to produce and are of great use in the office to study projects in 3 dimensions quickly.  I also use vray to produce renderings with realistic materials.  These take longer to produce but are effective in giving visual representation.  Having had experience rendering with Brazil made the switch to Vray seamless as I had a basic understanding of rendering.

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