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Learning V-Ray

Learning Vray has been quite productive.  I’ve been using Brazil to do my renderings and wanted to learn Vray as Brazil is quite limited.  While taking this online course, I have learned how to manipulate the sun, enhance renderings with post production techniques using Photoshop, getting great looking lighting, create materials and get good shadows.

Vray is more productive tool in that it allows for real time test renders to check for lighting and materials without wasting huge time on doing full renders.

The good thing about vray is that it works with several different 3d modelling programs.  I use Rhino as it is quite versatile and there are wonderful plug-ins.  Vray works with sketchup, maya and 3d studio max.  I hope to teach my design students vray if they happen to use sketchup. 

I feel it is important to train design students how to use computer programs effectively.  As I am teaching a more advanced course, this will be helpful.

Here are some of my renderings done on Vray for Rhino.

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