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If You are in Miami, Go to Coconut Grove

I say this as Coconut Grove is the coolest neighborhood with a hip young crowd, great restaurants and a cozy unique tropical lush environment.  To add to these great elements, it is also home to great architecture from so many different starchitects.  Much of this can be attributed to David Martin, an influential developer from Terra Group who has made a mission in transforming this Miami neighborhood into a beautiful world class city.  What makes Coconut Grove unique is that it’s tropical lush setting contrasts from a typical cold concrete jungle you might encounter in New York.  The area is inundated with trees and vegetation while being harmonious with large scale high density buildings.  This juxtaposition of nature with urbanism creates a biophilic environment where the calming sense of vegetation and nature creates a paradise-like setting in this unique neighborhood.  To add to the desirability to the area  the city is full of beautiful people so people watching is enjoyable. And you can see as follows.  I have also included grasshopper tutorials on buildings by BIG and Touzet Studio.

Video Tutorial of modelling Grove at Grand Bay using Grasshopper

Grasshopper Video Tutorial modelling St Mary Parking


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