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Rhino and V-ray As a Design Development Tool

Rhino is a 3d modelling tool that I heavily use when visualizing a design.  It is effective in that it is intuitive to use and capable of producing complex geometries.  Rhino alone cannot be used effectively for visual representation.  One needs a rendering engine to visualize a space and form…


Upcoming Rhino Class

Rhino 3d is a highly versatile and effective 3d modelling tool.  I was first introduced this tool while I was an architecture student at the Boston Architectural College in 2005.  I took a design studio where we were required to find a connection between plant life and architecture using Rhino…


Learning V-Ray

Learning Vray has been quite productive.  I’ve been using Brazil to do my renderings and wanted to learn Vray as Brazil is quite limited.  While taking this online course, I have learned how to manipulate the sun, enhance renderings with post production techniques using Photoshop, getting great looking lighting, create…

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