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Grasshopper 3d

If You are in Miami, Go to Coconut Grove

I say this as Coconut Grove is the coolest neighborhood with a hip young crowd, great restaurants and a cozy unique tropical lush environment.  To add to these great elements, it is also home to great architecture from so many different starchitects.  Much of this can be attributed to David…

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Rhino/Grasshopper Training

Studio Biophilia Youtube Page is Here!

With the launch of my YouTube Page, I will be giving sample courses in Rhino, Grasshopper and Vray.  These videos are a great way of starting your journey into being proficient at these softwares.  With these softwares, one can build their skills in developing free form, organic and complex designs. …

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Rhino Workshop

Intermediate Level Rhino Workshop

Join us this two days long workshop at September 16th and September 17th to start modeling efficiently! This course is for the design professional who wants to efficiently learn the concepts and features of the Rhinoceros modeling software at an accelerated pace in an instructor-lead environment. This fast-moving class covers most…


The Art Of Rendering

Recently, I completed a design proposal for suite state rooms in Liberty of the Seas and one of the tasks for selling our idea was through a 3d presentation.  3d presentations are highly effective in that it allows client to actually visualize what that space will ultimately look like.  My…


Oasis Of The Seas: Completed

Oasis of the Seas is Royal Carribean’s largest class of ships.  It is a unique ship in that it has an interior courtyard garden, a first of its kind.  My team and I did a massive modernization which required many design approvals and working drawing submissions under very aggressive deadlines. …


Symphony of the Seas

Symphony of the Seas is one the latest ships by Royal Caribbean.  One of its key features is that it’s one of the largest ships.  It’s quite impressive in size as it resembles a floating city.  My team and I were involved in doing a few spaces which turned out…


Navigator Of The Seas Completed

It seems like yesterday I reviewed the final shop drawings from the contractor who did the Pool deck project in Navigator of the Seas.  It was quite an experience as we were given the project at the last minute since the previous architect was fired from the job.  The original…


Navigator Of The Seas

One of the major projects included in this ship is a large renovation of a pool area.  This is the first time that I designed a pool which involved me learning many technical components and creating a space that is both engaging and fun.  This was in particular a very…


Rhino and V-ray As a Design Development Tool

Rhino is a 3d modelling tool that I heavily use when visualizing a design.  It is effective in that it is intuitive to use and capable of producing complex geometries.  Rhino alone cannot be used effectively for visual representation.  One needs a rendering engine to visualize a space and form…


Mariner Of The Sea

Recently my team and I went to see a completed ship that we worked so hard on.  It’s called Mariner of the Seas which is an older ship roughly 20 years old amongst the class of ships that Royal Carribean has.  These older ships have an outdated style being very…